They report assaults on OPLE officials: they call for cancellation of debate

Córdoba (21-05-2016).- Councillors of the OPLE requested the cancellation of the debate of the 19th district, considering that there are no security guarantees necessary to carry it out, after the confrontation that starred the district leader of the AVE, José Sierra Silvia.

They also reported that complaints were already filed against those responsible, after AVE leader José Sierra went to the OPLE’s local headquarters to assault officials.

The electoral advisor Ivan Tenorio Hernández explained that as part of the organization of the debates, support was sought from transit and public safety elements to guard the meeting of candidates for local deputys.

“So far they have told us that if they are going to go and with two candidates who come to the debate with that, the debate takes place.”

He commented that after the acts of violence that were recorded they took some preventive measures, trying to foresee an act that could put candidates and officials of the local body at risk.

It is worth mentioning the municipal leader of Ave, José Sierra Silva, accompanied by supporters of that institute, assaulted district officials.

During the confrontation, fans, computers and desks broke down, and two vehicles in the body were damaged and two people, OPLE personnel, were injured.

In this regard, the official explained: “Those responsible for the district council sent us a report that we are reviewing, with regard to the facts raised, and since there was material damage and violent deeds the corresponding is to file a complaint.”

He explained that it would be for the authorities responsible for the provision of justice to be responsible for criminal sanctioning in the case, “they must determine whether any sanctions should be appropriate”.

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