Justification for AVE leadership violence against OPLE officials

Xalapa (21-05-2016).- The leader of the Alternative Veracruzana (AVE) party, Alfredo Tress Jiménez, was uncovered by the motive for the violent events in the district of Córdoba, informing that he does not know what caused last night’s aggression when a group of its militants assaulted district officials of OPLE Córdoba.

In a telephone interview he explained that he has not yet managed to speak to leader José Sierra who allegedly led a group of AVE militants who assaulted District Council officials in the city of Cordoba.

He acknowledged that an investigation will have to be done in order to de-armor responsibilities for Friday afternoon’s afternoon event, as it is not known what caused the annoyance of his party’s militants.

“The first thing we’re doing is that we’re talking to him and obviously de-armoring the responsibilities that everyone has, I as leader can’t talk about those responsible, we have to see what the reasons for all this were.”

Questioned whether the use of violence in the organization of the elections was worth, he insisted that the substance of the issue had to be reviewed, to know what the officials who detonated in the squat and destruction of property did.

“It can’t be that we don’t do anything about being assaulted,” said the state leader of the AVE.

He acknowledged that he has not yet eded with José Sierra, as on Friday he was very exacerbated “with a hot head” and failed to clarify the facts.

He noted that the assault on officials in Cordoba could lead to more violence in the other district councils.

“This does not pollute, it would be as much as saying that alternative would be responsible for the low vote on the day of the day, and it is not. It’s like saying cordoba is the navel of the world and it’s not like that.” (With information from Veracruz. info)


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