They will evaluate bakers such as handling VAT on prepared foods, so as not to affect consumers

Cordoba, Ver.- Entrepreneurs dedicated to the elaboration and sale of bread will evaluate with their accountants a new dynamic that allows them to learn how to handle the application of 16% VAT to prepared foods, to give it the “turn” without evading tax.

In this way, they will seek not to harm the customer to reduce their ability to buy, because they face the problem that people, in addition to having no money, are hungry.

Businessman José Antonio Mora Farías said that the Ministry of Finance is slowly going and the pressure to pay is higher, taking away their ability to react.

The scenario is not balanced in the fulfillment of the obligations, he explained, because in times of crisis the first resort the housewife is to make products such as cakes, volovanes, that is, a universe of people represent for the formal trade an unfair competition that in the end hits them directly.

But it would be different, he said if the authority would generalize VAT on food and medicine, lower the ISR and remove the IEPS on the products as it would allow a different picture because everyone would pay and represent a fiscal stimulus.

In addition, if they were not even, he commented that he will also “hit” them because the raw materials are governed by the time of change of the dollar and how Mexico does not produce, the prices of margarine, flours and fats will increase, so they must reflect it sooner or later to the consumer.

Faced with this picture, he has taken them, he added to work with the right means for the staff to do more for the same salary.

It therefore recommended that the working class take care of the source of work and not afford to leave it, because otherwise it will be difficult for another to find another with the same working conditions.

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